Sornano is a small traditional Tuscan hamlet nestled in the Chianti hills. A real gem.

John R. Daniel – Chiantishire Magazine

The Property

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Antico Borgo di Sornano: the origins

The holiday house "Antico Borgo di Sornano" was created out of the passion for rural architecture and its features. This is how in 1999 its current owners, who were looking for an apartment in the Chianty countryside, chanced upon Sornano, a small rural village they didn’t even know about, although they lived only a few kilometers away. They were truly impressed by how abandoned and run down it had been for more than 30 years. It certainly was the original and most ancient core of the village and by visiting it and the inside of the houses, they found shapes, colours and tastes that conveyed them a feeling of past times, when local farmers would spend their days carrying out their traditional daily activities. After a short time following this discovery, they bought the abandoned village and decided to bring it back to life. It took them several years to achieve their goal, but also gave them huge satisfaction. They re-used all of the existing materials: the Tuscan terracotta tiles, the wooden beams, the fixtures and ancient furniture. Today, Alessandro and Daniela truly believe that they can convey their guests the same feeling that they had when they discovered Borgo di Sornano..